Sanus’ Premium Series TV Mounts Make Installation a Snap
Less hardware, more installation aids to decrease TV wall-mounting intimidation.
September 11, 2013 by Julie Jacobson

Sanus started from scratch when developing its new Premium Series of TV mounts. Two years in the making and based on consumer focus groups, the new mounts are easy on the eyes and even easier on the install.

“We asked consumers why they weren’t mounting their TVs,” says Sanus marketing manager Ryan Hagberg. “They were unsure about the installation process and safety – was the TV on the wall going to be safe for them?”

Also, he says, “They didn’t like the look of the mount.”

Hagberg notes that custom electronics professionals generally demonstrate mounts with a see-through acrylic plate that resembles a TV, so consumers can see all the ugliness of a typical mount.

“Consumers see it for the first time online or they see it in a store and it looks complicated,” he says.

The Premium line features wallplates that hide all of the hardware so you “won’t see big ugly screws,” according to Hagberg. “It’s not a big industrial-looking piece of hardware.”

At the end of the day, consumers are often intimidated by the difficulty – perceived or real – of installing a mount. Here’s where Sanus applied most of its efforts in the Premium line.

The units come with a stud finder/validator for extra certainty, as well as a height finder, level and a mounting template so hands can be free for drilling. “You don’t have to hold the mounting plate with one hand while drilling with the other,” Hagberg says.

There are no tools required for assembling the mount—just for affixing it to the wall—and Sanus reduced the hardware by over 30 percent.

Click here to check out the easy install steps

“There’s less hardware that you have to dig through,” says Hagberg.

Better yet, there should be no digging at all, thanks to the innovative packaging. Everything is layered according to the installation process – with pieces stacked according to steps.

Hagberg says Sanus plowed through some 20,000 TVs in its databases to include just the right types and numbers of screws and spacers in the box.

“When you open the box, you see step one, the TV interface,” Hagberg says. Instructions are also stupid simple, and if you still don’t get it, Sanus provides installation videos.

Here are some installation-friendly features and tools noted by Sanus:

  • magnetic level
  • stud-finder tool
  • fully assembled TV interface
  • pre-installed finger tightening fasteners that eliminate the need for tools
  • key-holed wall plate and quick release tabs for tool-less set up
  • easy-to-follow instruction manual
  • audible safety locks that are heard and felt during installation assuring installers and consumers of a secure connection
  • television kick-stand that can pull the TV away from the wall to allow all cables to be routed into the back of the TV, after it has been mounted

The Premium Series features eleven mounts accommodating 13-inch to 80-inch flat panels up to 125 pounds (57 kg) in fixed-position, tilting, full-motion and full motion plus SKU assortments, offering solutions for any situation, all with the same simple installation process for significant time savings. The Premium Series will be available worldwide in October, 2013 and ranging in price from $30 to $350.

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Julie Jacobson - Editor-at-large, CE Pro
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