Review: ZVOX IncrediBase575 Surround Bar
ZVOX takes a very different approach to surround bars.
ZVOX IncrediBase575 Surround Bar
ZVOX IncrediBase575 Surround Bar
March 31, 2010 by Audioholics.com

The ZVOX takes a very different tack from other surround bars. While others are looking for small, plastic enclosures that are really meant to be mounted to a wall, the ZVOX IncrediBase575 is much, much larger. Meant to be placed under a display, the 575 is large, constructed out of MDF, and sports integrated subs.

Different? You bet.

Build Quality
The ZVOX IncrediBase575 measured in at 36 inches wide x 16.5 inches deep x 5 inches tall. This is practically unheard of in the world of surround bars.

Generally, you are practically forced to wall mount surround bars. While most people have every intention of wall mounting their display, it many end up on a stand. Depending on the height of your surround bar and the positioning of the IR receiver on your display, you may not be able to place many surround bars on a cabinet in front of a display. This really limits the usefulness of some of the current surround bars as it makes placement difficult.

The IncrediBase575 takes the opposite position and looks to fit under most displays. It is magnetically shielded so it should work with all displays - even that legacy CRT your parents are rocking. There are some limitations, however, as the display’s base should not exceed 35 inches wide or 15 inches deep or 140 pounds. This might limit many CRTs to smaller sizes, but you should be able to accommodate many of the larger flat-panel displays (ZVOX says up to 65 inches).

Around the back you’ll find two stereo analogue RCA inputs and one subwoofer output. There is also the IncrediBase575HSD, which has the same specs but adds digital connections and a few smaller models with similar analogue inputs. There is a slot-style port on the back with four rubber feet on the bottom.

The front has a (seemingly) non-removable grill. Behind the grill are five 3.5-inch drivers. On the bottom are two downfiring 6.5-inch woofers protected by a metal mesh grill to provide subwoofer duties. The box itself is large and bulky but not overly heavy. While it feels sturdy, it isn’t like you’ll need to invite a friend over to move it.

Most of the box is wrapped in flat black vinyl with the two sides in gloss black. While the black finish should meld well into a dark room, the vinyl seemed easy to mar and slight abrasions were fairly evident on close inspection. When placing your display on top, set it down rather than place it and slide to the correct location.

The remote of the ZVOX IncrediBase575 is very, very basic, completely lacking backlighting and with uniform and bizarrely laid out buttons. There are seven round buttons at the top with four oval buttons near the bottom. At the top we have Mute, Power, and Auto On/Off.

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