Review: SV Sound SB12-NSD Subwoofer
A great sub for small and medium home theaters.
July 05, 2012 by

Do you like small subwoofers with big sound? The reviewers at Audioholics do, so when they checked out the SV Sound 12-inch SB12-NSD they said there was “very little to gripe about and a whole lot to like.”

The SB12-NSD packs a 12-inch aluminum driver and a 400 watt class D amp into the 14-inch cube for $649.

Overall, Audioholics thought the sub performed very well for it’s class size and price, though the reviewer recommends it mostly for small-to-moderate rooms.

Check out this excerpt:
“At $649 shipped this is SVS’s least expensive and smallest subwoofer, but it still performs in a big way. If you need extra headroom and deep bass output you may want to scratch up an extra $120 and move up to the larger vented PB12-NSD, but many people will have a smaller room or want a smaller form which is easier to fit into their living space and this is where the SB12-NSD excels. The extra cost savings is nice as well. Whenever possible I recommend that at least two subwoofers placed in separate locations be at least considered as in many cases it can help to smooth the overall in room response and increase maximum headroom capability. SVS just so happens to offer a nice discount on a pair of SB12-NSD’s and in my opinion this is where the SB12-NSD would really start to shine. Due to the compact size it should open up more placement options for multiple units than if larger subwoofers were used and in many cases multiple smaller subwoofers can turn in a better overall performance than a single more powerful and expensive unit.”

To read the entire review go to Audioholics here, or go here to share your thoughts in the forum.

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