Review: Infinity Primus P162 Bookshelf Speaker
Despite ho-hum aesthetics and fatiguing highs, the $320/pair Primus P162s make great entry-level speakers.
Infinity Primus P162 Bookshelf Speaker
April 24, 2009 by

As you’d expect from a company like Infinity, the Primus P162s came well packed in custom boxes with cardboard tops and bottoms with foam edges glued to them. This is a very efficient method of packaging which provides the maximum protection with the least amount of foam. It also ensures that the foam doesn’t move or slip during handling keeping the speaker very well isolated from outside damage.

The speakers themselves are rather large for this price point (around $320 a pair) at over a foot tall and nearly a foot deep. The black wood-grain vinyl wrap is on par with the quality of other offerings at this price point - which to say is that it is barely passable. The edges had a tendency to peel up at the slightest provocation. The front of the speaker sports a rounded baffle and a grey plastic faceplate. The drivers (one .75” tweeter and a 6.5” woofer) are also grey. The speaker is front ported just below and to the left of the woofer. The logo is on the lower right of the faceplate and at the bottom center of the grill.

The grill is interesting in that it wraps up around the rounded enclosure at the top. This gives the speaker a sort of “swept back” look though it is really just a rectangular box. With the grill off, the grey faceplate seems to float in the center of the enclosure. The grill attached VERY firmly on plastic posts. Unlike other grills I’ve experienced, this one feels sturdy and stable with plenty of molded plastic reinforcement. The posts, while plastic, are thick and strong so that even though you have to fight a bit to get the grill off (a good thing for all of us with kids), you don’t feel like you are likely to break anything.

The back of the speaker shows a bit of overlap of the walls, top, and bottom of the speakers with the back panel. This is actually quite common and something I’ve seen in higher dollar speakers like the DALI LECTOR 8s and Krix Phoenix. It isn’t my favorite design choice but it is on the back so it really doesn’t matter. There is a single pair of 5-way binding posts with plastic caps in a black plastic housing on the back of the speaker as well.

The speakers arrived with a generalized manual for the entire Primus line, a paper specifying a limited 3/5 year warranty, and rubber feet to stick to the bottom for shelf mounting. If you have stands, I HIGHLY recommend you NOT place the rubber feet on the speaker and instead on the top of the stand (many stands come with rubber pads for the tops these days). This eliminates any problems you may have with placement on top of the stand in trying to make contact with the pads on the bottom of the speaker. Word of note, the warranty is transferable between owners which is nice for those that want to try the P162s out but think they may sell them later down the road.

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Product: Infinity Primus P162 Bookshelf Speaker

Price: $159 each

Performance: 3.5 out of 5

Value: 4 out of 5


  • Wide soundstage
  • Rock solid center image
  • Decent bass
  • Perfect for entry-level/budget-minded 1st purchase


  • Ho-hum aesthetics
  • Fatiguing highs
  • Need to be placed fairly high relative to seated position

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