Review: Infinity Classia C336 Floorstanding­ Speaker
Despite a good look and bass extension, you will find better performance at this price point.
May 08, 2009 by

The Infinity Classia C336s look great and they have very good bass extension. The bass punch was a bit weak and the high end a tad fatiguing. However, out of all the speakers I’ve reviewed at this price point, the C336s are the most likely to go on sale. When they do, you’re going to want to take a second look at them. In a second setup or a movie/family room, the Classias are going to both look and sound great.

Build Quality
As you’d expect from a company like Infinity, the Classias arrived well boxed in individual boxes. The “outriggers” came attached with the rubber feet already inserted. The foam endcaps and side caps held the speakers firmly in place and the speaker arrived with no damage. This was especially impressive considering the weight. At over 55 pounds a piece, the Classias are by no means a lightweight speaker. This contributed to the one problem I had with the speaker - the cotton sock. This ubiquitous piece of audiophilia encourages some to associate the enclosed equipment with quality. I’m not sure why this is but it seems to be the case. Even I, when first presented with the cotton sock, was a little giddy. I had “made it” as an audio guy when my first amp/speaker/whatever it was came in a sock. Of course, just about everything comes in a sock these days so it’s lost a bit of its luster. When you unwrap a router in a sock, you don’t look at the sock the same way ever again. Plus, it gets fuzz everywhere. Who wants that? And no, I’m not getting paid by the number of times I can mention sock in one paragraph. Sock.

The big problem with the sock vis à vis heavy speakers is unpacking them. It’s like trying to wrestle a 55lb squirming fish up onto the deck of a boat - you need help. The slanted top of the speaker doesn’t make this any easier as I would normally set the speaker on its top and slide the sock down. Luckily, Infinity designed their foam caps in two parts so that you could “undress” the speaker (mostly) before removing it from the box.

The top and bottom of the speakers have a cherry stained plywood face (high gloss black is also available at no additional cost). The top is molded and swept back. These plywood plates overhang the sides by a bit. The grill has a plastic top and bottom cap and lines up with the overhang of the plywood plates. This creates a very refined look to the front of the speaker. On the bottom, there are four plastic outriggers that can be removed with three screws. There really isn’t any reason to unless you are going to add other aftermarket outriggers.

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Product: Infinity Classia C336

Price: $899 each

Performance: 3 out of 5

Value: 2 out of 5


  • Look great with the grills on
  • Slim design
  • Fantastic build quality on the cabinetry
  • Drivers appear to be constructed of high quality parts
  • Good bass extension
  • Easy to setup/adjust with “vampire” spikes


  • With the grills off they are a bit odd looking
  • Front heavy
  • Vinyl wrap
  • CMMD looks cheesy
  • Poor bass impact
  • Slightly fatiguing top end

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