Review: GiK Tri-Trap Bass Trap
GiK Tri-Traps are a no-brainer for the enthusiast serious about making their room sound better.
May 12, 2009 by

The GiK Tri-Traps will improve the sound in your room. They will. It doesn’t matter the speaker or the amp. The DVD player or the processor. The Tri-Traps will help curb your bass problems. Are they a panacea? Will the fix everything? No, of course not. But ask any acoustical expert and you’ll find that corner bass trapping is high up on their list of “first steps to a better sounding room.”

Build Quality
The GiK Tri-Traps are, as you might expect, triangular. They are also shipped in large boxes of two. You must buy them in pairs so their quoted price of $129 each is a little misleading. From a shipping standpoint, this makes a lot of sense as there are a lot more rectangular boxes than there are triangular. For all I know, the shipping companies might charge extra for an oddly shaped box like that. Regardless, I ordered six tri-traps for my room, all in black. They arrived in three large boxes. Each was wrapped in a thin plastic bag and tightly packed. There was no protection other than the box and bag though they didn’t really need it. The boxes (and traps) were quite light and arrived without damage.

I ordered six traps because I was in the middle of the Auralex Room Analysis Plus review and their suggestion was additional trapping in all the corners. Well, I felt this was an excellent opportunity to review a product I’d long been intrigued by - the Tri-Traps. The triangular traps are meant to be placed in the corners of a room and are filled with insulation. The Auralex analysis said that I could use as much bass trapping as possible. Well, six was the most I could accommodate at the time - I could probably get four more in here now. Two stacked on top of each other placed in the back corners and two lying on the floor behind the couch. I was a bit concerned about one thing, however, the height.

According to the GiK website, the Tri-Traps are four feet tall. My room is technically 8 feet high so they should fit but if you factor in the popcorn ceiling and medium pile carpet, it is a bit less than that. I didn’t want to get them in just to find out they wouldn’t fit. So, like I often do, I called them and asked about custom sizes not telling them I was a reviewer. I do this so I get the real deal and not some wink-wink-nudge-nudge thing. For a custom size, it is a $25 premium for the first trap and $15 each for every other trap of the same size. This, of course, is for a trap that is smaller than normal. You can’t ask for a custom 7.5 foot trap. Those charges seem just fine to me and perfectly reasonable. I especially like the fact that they charge less for the additional traps of the same size. In reality, the first one tacks on most of the extra work with the additionals not really adding that much. It smacks of business ethics that GiK is recognizing that in their pricing.

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Product: GiK Tri-Trap Bass Trap

Price: $258 (sold by the box, 2 Tri-Traps per box)

Performance: 4 out of 5

Value: 5 out of 5


  • Convenient
  • Good size for most rooms
  • Effective
  • Price


  • Feel a little empty
  • No wall mounting system
  • Info on website hard to find/inaccurate

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