Review: Energy Veritas V-6.3 Speakers
July 08, 2011 by

The Energy Veritas V-6.3s floorstanding loudspeakers are a well built, well designed, well-voiced product that won’t take up much in the way of your floor space. the V-6.3s are a 4-driver, dual-ported, base-reflex passive system, featuring a pair of 6.5” woofers, a single 5.25” midrange driver and a single, 1” aluminum dome tweeter. These speakers have an unusually well developed talent for cleanly portraying musical details across a well focused soundstage. Take the time to audition them; bring your best quality, most demanding CDs when you do. And literally hear what you’ve been missing. We are happy to see Energy is back in the game and ready to slug it out with other high caliber speaker systems.

If you are one to pay any attention to the loudspeaker industry trades, you may have come across an article or two about API (of which Energy is a part) being purchased by Klipsch, which was in turn purchased by Audiovox. With changes like that, its easy to wonder what exactly it is you’re buying when you spot a pair of Energy Veritas V-6.3 at your local audio salon. Well, what is it – a Klipsch? Energy?


Though I’ve not listened to samples from every one of Energy’s product lines, I’ve gotten to know the Veritas V-6.3 well during the time I’ve had these review samples. These do not sound like a Klipsch product. If you’re already a fan of Energy’s products you’ll find in the V-6.3’s all the design & performance characteristics that have treated the home audio crowd to listening experiences satisfying in a uniquely Energy way for nearly 3 decades. (Incidentally, the claim that the V-6.3s don’t sound anything like a Klipsch is by no means a slight at Klipsch; indeed, if home theater is your thing and you prefer the sound of a well tuned commercial theatre, the Klipsch THX Ultra2 home theatre system will rock your world).

Design-wise, the V-6.3s are a 4-driver, 3-way, dual-ported, base-reflex passive system, featuring a pair of 6.5” woofers, a single 5.25” midrange driver and a single, 1” aluminum dome tweeter.  They’re rear-ported and feature a pair of 3” ducts, flanged at both ends. The V-6.3s also come supplied with the earlier mentioned port plugs that can be used in either or both ducts. Plugging them alters the system’s LF response, offering a degree of response-altering flexibility to help the end user better fit the response to the acoustical characteristics of their listening space.

Read the complete review at Audioholics here.

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