Review: DALI LEKTOR 8 Floorstanding Speaker
The LEKTORs would be right at home in a medium to large room and present a very easy load to amplifiers.
April 30, 2009 by

DALI may not exactly be a household name in speakers - at least not in America - but they should be. The LEKTOR 8s would be right at home in a medium to large room and present a very easy load to amplifiers. The excellent off axis response makes placement a breeze. The real strength of these speakers is the soundstage. Wider than your room (or so it seems), the DALI LEKTORs wrap the music around you even in a two channel setup. For the price, the DALI’s definitely represent a top tier offering.

First Impression & Build Quality
To be honest, before I even opened the box I was a bit biased against the look of the LEKTORs. Why? At $1800 a pair, I couldn’t believe they would even consider a vinyl wrap. At this price point, I expect much more. Boy, was I wrong.

I’ve seen a lot of vinyl wraps in my day and I can say without reservation that this is the best. The review pair of LEKTORs was in the light walnut finish rather than the all black option. As much as I like a speaker that “disappears” into a room, I find that black, in general, is harder to keep clean and generally bores me. The woodgrain finishes tend to not show off dust as much and definitely make more of a statement. The LEKTOR 8s are one of the better looking speakers I’ve had in my room - at least from the front. The black front baffle is nicely rounded and is matte enough to absorb most light. The grill is a little oddly shaped until you realize that it can be reversed so to cover or reveal the tweeter. For those that believe that grills make an audible difference… well, they probably still think it makes an audible difference when covering the woofers. DALI was smart enough to put their logo on both the top (near the tweeter) and bottom (small chrome plate) so that no matter your grill preference, you’ll know who made your speakers. What you don’t know is that the DALI and LEKTOR logos are everywhere - even in places you can’t see them: Back of the woofers/tweeter, under the metal plate around the tweeter, even on the screws!

The fit and finish around the front and sides is nearly impeccable. The corners of the main cabinet are a bit sharp but the front corners are covered with the black front baffle so it isn’t an issue. There is a small gap between the front baffle and the main cabinet but it would take very little convincing to make me believe this was an intentional design choice and not some sort of fit and finish issue. The metal accents on the front aren’t heavy handed and give the speaker the contemporary but not gaudy look I’d expect of a Danish speaker manufacturer. The metal side pegs double as holders for the binding posts. When I was trying to dissemble the speakers, I discovered that they really don’t seem to serve any purpose other than that.

The real standouts in the looks department are the woofers. The LEKTOR 8s sport two 8” woofers and a 5” midrange. They are also the color of old bricks or dried blood (your pick). This is the first time I’ve seen deep red woofers in a speaker - especially one made to be seen in the home. At first, I was a bit put off by the color - red just seemed weird to me. But the longer I’ve lived with them the more I’ve appreciated them. The coated paper with wood fiber reinforcement material isn’t as reflective as your aluminum or some of the other woofer designs I’ve seen in the past so they tend to blend better. They certainly are different which, if nothing else, will get people’s attention. Still, in a darkened room with the lights low and the grills off, they don’t stand out as much as I’d like. Now, understand, this is purely an aesthetic opinion and has nothing to do with performance.

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Product: DALI Lektor 8 Floorstanding Speaker

Price: $1800/pair

Performance: 4 out of 5

Value: 4 out of 5


  • Looks
  • Plenty of bass
  • Wide soundstage
  • Great for larger rooms
  • Excellent off axis response


  • Bass can be overdone at times
  • No real option for non-carpeted floors
  • Imaging could be tighter

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