Review: Cables To Go TruLink Wireless USB to VGA Adapter Kit
A solid option for eliminating cables between PC and monitor, but hold off from using this with your entertainment system.
Cables To Go TruLink Wireless USB to VGA Adapter Kit has $239 MSRP.
May 06, 2009 by

It is a fact that the release of USB back in the 90’s, has highly impacted our way of interacting with computer devices, while also replacing obsolete RS232 and Parallel connections. Today it’s the most popular way to interface any kind of peripheral, from the well known USB memory sticks to more complex devices such as HDTV tuners or audio and video processing devices. Are we experiencing a new era in communications - the “Maxwell wireless fever”…? That’s right, we are saturating the spectrum with our signals and every technology seems to be migrating to this or it’s finding itself otherwise condemned. That’s why such a useful Bus as the USB had to migrate to wireless while maintaining compatibility.

The video card is an essential part of every PC, enabling the user to graphically interact. Until recently our interface to a display monitor or TV has been wired, but thanks to modernization, mobility has not only become an important matter but also an achievable one. That’s why today we have a wireless video solution from Cables to Go, the Wireless USB Adapter Kit, which seems to finally solve the mobility issue. This is a very similar product to the Wireless USB to VGA adapter from IO-GEAR in both shape and functionality. This review will explore the full capabilities of the Cables to Go solution and see how it stacks up against the competition.

First Impression and Build Quality
When I first saw the product displayed in its box at EHX this March, it gave me good impression about the aesthetics. The shell is made in Black and Gray plastic and is relatively small for a video device. It consists of a transmitter, a receiver with an AC power adapter, and a pair of antennas. Once I unpacked this product, the look and feel was a bit less solid than I had imagined, which kind of tarnished my first impression. I was honestly expecting a bit more for its hefty price tag. But as long as the product works and endures, then perhaps looks and feel really aren’t all that important.

The USB connector isn’t well supported by the shell and moves easily, the same with the VGA DB-15 connector. The antennas are small and discrete which is a good thing, but again seem a bit flimsy. This product definitely needs to be treated with kid gloves to avoid accidental breakage. On the other hand it does have nice soothing blue led indicators which serve as eye candy and let you know the device is working properly.

One surprising omission from this product is the lack of at least one HDMI port which would enable the product to be used on a television display since most TV sets lack a VGA input.

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Product: Cables To Go TruLink™ Wireless USB to VGA Adapter Kit

Price: $239.99

Performance: 4 out of 5

Value: 3 out of 5


  • Good Aesthetics
  • Good Quality Image
  • Easy installation


  • Price
  • Reliability
  • Poor Mobility
  • Mediocre Build Quality and cheap materials
  • Wireless reliability
  • Not compatible with Mac or Linux

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