Review: Aperion Intimus 6T-DB Hybrid System
The Intimus 6T-DB Hybrid XD is the best 5.1 system Aperion Audio has to offer.
Aperion Intimus 6T-DB Hybrid XD
January 29, 2010 by

Every time we’ve review a product from Aperion Audio, we’ve found it to be an exceptional value with incredible build quality.

The Intimus 6T-DB Hybrid XD is the best 5.1 system Aperion Audio has to offer and drives it hard to see if it can stand up under fire.

Build Quality, Features

One of the first things anyone will notice about Aperion Audio speakers is the weight. They are heavy. Made from 1-inch-thick HDF (high-density fiberboard), these speakers pass the “knock test” with flying colors and are incredibly inert.

This new series has rounded edges, and we received a pair with the new “high gloss” piano black finish. The gloss was so perfect it was a veritable black mirror in our listening room, making the speakers out to be more pieces of furniture than audio instruments. Spouses everywhere will rejoice and should be more apt to allow these in their living rooms as a result.

The drivers have also been completely redone. The crossover is no longer the “HD-X3” version that has been around for several years now (since the x32 and x33 series at least). The new configuration looks to be a custom second order crossover for the woofer and a 3rd order on the tweeter, which part ways at 2400Hz.

The drivers are now made from woven fiberglass (all around) instead of a composite or poly vinyl acetate (PVA) material. The notable exception, of course, is the Intimus subwoofer, whose dual 10-inch drivers are aluminum. Those are some of the global changes, but let’s look at each speaker individually.

Intimus 6T Towers

The 6T Tower Speakers are simply delicious to look at, featuring curved corners and an ultra-shiny piano black finish. The towers stand about 41.5-inches tall and come with a permanently-attached beveled base that extends out about 1.375 inches around the cabinet. The base is finished in the identical high gloss black and provides a bit more stability to the speaker, though not nearly as much as a good pair of outriggers.

Each 5T Tower Speaker weighs 70 pounds and features height-adjustable carpet spikes that can be affixed to the bottom of the base to anchor the speaker to the floor and provide stability on carpet. If you have wood floors or tile, you can opt to not use the spikes at all, or use the provided footers.

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Performance: 4.5 out of 5

Value: 5 out of 5

Price: $3,769

Pros: Luscious cabinets and build quality | Excellent low frequency definition | Free shipping, no tax, and in-home trial | Transferable 10-year warranty | One year full price trade-up program

Cons: Unforgiving to overly compressed music | Can’t bi-wire the speakers | Cabinet footers are a bit blah

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