Red Carpet Treatment the Only Way to Go
This fourth-story home theater has jaw-dropping features that the homeowner saw for the first time only after it was entirely finished.
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May 03, 2010 by Arlen Schweiger

If ever a theater is deserving of a red carpet premier night, this is as good a candidate as any. The homeowner was seeking a nostalgic return to his theater experiences of the glitzy 1930s-50s silver screen era; he got that and a lot, lot more.

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The amazing thing? This job lasted four months, and somehow the owner managed the willpower not to check out the progress at any time until it was truly ready. And then he christened it by showing up in a limo for a memorable evening, according to Jeffrey Smith of First Impressions Theme Theatres in Miami.

“You can imagine someone who never saw anything we did before finished product, and what that experience was like,” says Smith. “He wanted it that way I guess. On the night of our turnover of the theater to him, a limo pulls up, the family gets out, and starts their tour of interior design.” The theater was part of a full renovation, and other rooms are breathtaking in their own right, though maybe with not as much force as a the high-performance theater.

“We waited an hour before they finally come up to our level, and the excitement was quite incredible, seeing it all for first time,” Smith continues. “The room looks just like rendering, and he apparently had an idea from visual, he just wanted to wait, and he waited until very end.”

The A/V components are just as rich and detail-attentive as the reds and golds that adorn the massive 28 x 25 x 10 room. A reference-grade Digital Projection International Titan 1080p projector fires beautiful high-def images at the 14-foot-wide CinemaScope aspect ratio Stewart screen, while a JBL Synthesis 7.1 soundsystem—with washing-machine-sized subwoofers—cranks out the soundtracks.

The installation, which theater designer First Impressions did in conjunction with systems installers Creative Media Designs and Definitive Electronics, had almost as much drama as any Scorsese flick. Well, that may be an embellishment, but then again so is this entire room’s slant on the phrase “home theater.” The room is on the fourth floor of a high-rise, and a spiral staircase and marble interior did not make for an installer’s friend to lift washing-machine-sized anything. So cranes were brought in for the large objects and carefully guided them to safe depositing in the room.

And when everything was installed and firing on all cylinders, what did the homeowner make the opening night gala film choice? “Casino Royale was his first movie,” says Smith. “He wanted to hear what it could do.”

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Arlen Schweiger - Contributor, Electronic House Magazine
Arlen writes about home technology installations and product news and reviews for and Electronic House magazine.

Installers/Equipment List

Theater Design
First Impressions Theme Theatres
North Miami, Fla.

Systems Design and Installation
Creative Media Designs
Boca Raton, Fla.

Definitive Electronics
Jupiter, Fla.

Room Size
28 x 25 x 10 feet

Equipment List
1 Stewart Custom Curve Vertical Masking Screenwall CV168SFHG3WX
1 Digital Projection 3-chip DLP projector, ISF Specified TITAN Reference 1080p
1 Digital Projection Anamorphic Lens for projector Anamorphic Sled
1m Kaleidescape 1U Server KServer-1500
1 Kaleidescape 1080p Player KPlayer-6000
4 Kaleidescape 1 TB Disk Cartridge KDISK-1000-L-N
1 Marantz Blu-Ray DVD Player BD8003
1 HD Cable BoxCustomer Supplied
1 Karaoke DVD & CD+G Karaoke Player, w/mics ML517
1 Apple TV music and video player, w/hardrive AppleTV
1 JBL Synthesis Atlas Theatre Package System SYN-ATLAS
1 Middle Atlantic 43 Space Equipment Rack 5-43
1 Middle Atlantic Skirted Wheelbase for slim 5 CBS-5
1 Middle Atlantic Rack Light w/8 oulet surge/spike PDLT-815RV
1 Middle Atlantic Ultra Quiet Fan Panel w/speed UQFP-4
4 Middle Atlantic Black Textured Custom Rackshelf RSH-4S
8 Middle Atlantic 1 space (1 3/4”) vent panel VTF1
1 Middle Atlantic 4 Space Rack Drawer TD4
1 APC S Type AV Power Conditioner with Battery S10
1 Crestron Isys i/O 8.4” WiFi Control Package AV2-TPMC-PAK
2 Crestron Isys 5.7” color wall mount touchpanel TPS-6L
3 Crestron iLux Integrated Lighting System, 6 Zones CLS-C6
1 Crestron Heating and Cooling Thermostat, White CHV-TSTATW
1 Crestron Remote Temperature Sensor CHV-RTS;
LOBBY: 1 LG 50” HDTV Plasma 50PG60
1 IC universal wall mount fixed bracket ICLPFM1T02
1 Leon LCR all-in-one display matching speaker HZ-414-LCR
2 Niles 7” Surround Effects Loudspeaker CM750FX
1 Niles 9” Passive Subwoofer, Ceiling Mounted CM960SUB
1 Niles 2 channel high power amplifier SI2125
1 Marantz Dolby Digital Surround Receiver SR5002

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