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RadioShack DTV Box Has Analog Pass-Through
The DTX9950 converts over-the-air digital signals so you can see them on your analog TV.
RadioShack Digital Stream DTX9950
RadioShack’s Digital Stream DTX9950 allows users to keep their analog TVs after the DTV conversion.
June 05, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

Your local RadioShack is now stocking the Digital Stream DTX9950, a digital converter box that also features analog pass-through.

That means you can keep using your old analog TV for both digital and analog over-the-air broadcasts once the DTV transition hits on February 17, 2009.

Full-powered stations need to make the switch by February 2009, but low-powered broadcasters will still be chugging along, business as usual. The RadioShack box will allow viewers to tune into both, without a splitter or A/B switch.

“We’re excited to be among the first national retailers—as well as the largest in terms of the sheer number of retail outlets and distribution channels—to offer a digital converter box with a built-in analog pass-through,” said Peter Whitsett, RadioShack’s executive VP, general merchandising manager. “Although most research indicates a minority of households actually require such a feature, we’ve found some customers visiting our neighborhood stores for advice are confused over what kind of box they actually need.  This alleviates any uncertainty, at no additional cost.”

The unit is available now for $59.99. Aside from being eligible for the government’s $40-discount coupon (in-store only), RadioShack is also offering free shipping for web orders.

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