Q. Will an Amplifier Provide More Boost to My 7.1 Surround Sound Setup?
Bryant Moore explains how to add an amplifier to this 7.1 surround sound set-up.
March 16, 2009 by Bryant Moore

Q. I have my speakers (7.1) hooked up to my Pioneer Elite Receiver (VSX-82TXS). It puts out 130 watts, 8 ohms, 7 channels. I want more punch out of the speakers. Would an amplifier help me? If so, how would I hook it up to my existing set up? Is there one you recommend? - Chad, Baltimore

A. You sure can, Chad. I can’t think of a reason not to always pursue more and better high-quality amplification. You can do this quite easily by using what are called the “Pre-outs” or “low-level, multi-channel pre-outs” on the back of your receiver and hooking these up to your new amplifier.

On the 82TXS, the pre-outs are located almost dead center on the back of the receiver, directly above the iPod input jack in a section labeled “Pre-Out.” The output jack are labeled (from right to left):

  • Front R/L
  • Subwoofer
  • Center
  • Surround R/L
  • Surround Back R/L

These outputs will correspond with the inputs of whatever external amplifier you choose. There are numerous high-quality amplifiers on the market, I would look at (listed alphabetically); Anthem, B&K, Bryston, Krell, Lexicon, Parasound & Rotel. This is by no means a complete list, but are all good companies that produce high-quality products. In the meantime, decide what your budget is going to be for the new amp. This will be one of the biggest factors in the decision-making process.

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A classically-trained musician and former network administrator, Bryant Moore has turned a lifelong passion for music and A/V equipment into a thriving business with Charlotte, NC based Moore Audio Design. He has over a decade of experience in designing and implementing home electronics systems.

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