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Q. Will a Cable Splitter Hurt My Modem or HD Signal?
The answer depends on the bandwidth provided by your cable company, says Dan Fulmer of FulTech Solutions.
October 10, 2008 by Dan Fulmer

Q. Will a cable splitter hurt my modem or HDTV signal strength?

A. This can be a technical question, but I am going to treat this as it relates to the average homeowner, HD cable recipient. For simplification purposes, the cable company has limited bandwidth to deliver over the medium of cable. The more people on a trunk-line, the slower/lower quality the signal. This applies more to analog than digital. If you are simply splitting your incoming cable so you can run both your HD cable box and your cable modem, expect little or no visible difference in the modem speed or HD quality. But remember, each cable company is different. Some local, smaller cable companies have limited bandwidth and can only offer a maximum of one cable modem, HD DVR and standard cable box per house. But generally, you will probably be ok. You can always call your cable company and ask.

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