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Q. Why Do My Lights Turn Off My Plasma Screen?
A grounding issue may be at the root of this problem.
March 09, 2009 by CE Pro

Q. After installing a Denon AVR-2309CI receiver and Pioneer Elite PRO-141FD Plasma TV connected by Xantech HDMIC5IR extender, I switch the lights off and the screen goes blank for 3-5 secs. All A/V components are on a dedicated 20 amp circuit .The Denon is grounded to chassis. If I bypass the Denon from the SAT. box it does not happen. I have reset the Denon per the manual. Any suggestions? Tim, Orange County,CA

A representative of Hi-Tech Home has this advice:

This has happened to us on quite a few occasions. We used to use the Gefen HDMI extender and started having problems when customers would turn on their ceiling fans and lights. We have since switched to Audiocontrol HDMI extenders which seem to have fixed this problem.

We have also learned that it seems to be a grounding issue. So what we do now is, even though all we use is HDMI running from the receiver (which does the video switching), we also run an RG6 and hook it to the tuner input on the TV. We then hook that co-ax into the co-ax input on a surge protector power strip. In doing that, it gives the TV a solid ground source and should fix any grounding issues you might have. It will also fix any rolling lines you might be experiencing on the TV.

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