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Q. Where Can I Find a Frame for My Mounted TV?
Stealth Acoustics' Cover Art is one solution for homeowner unhappy with the appearance of his wall mounted TV.
May 19, 2009 by CE Pro

Q. We recently installed a 32” Sony LCD on a wall near our kitchen. Now, of course, after the purchase and installation, I think the TV “sticks out” too far on the wall. I have seen framed TVs in a number of high profile restaurants and hotels. Do you know where I can find someone who makes and ships a frame that could be snapped on? Or do you have another suggestion? - Bill, San Diego

A. Steve O. of Stealth Acoustics gives us this response, courtesy of CE Pro.

There are a number of options here, but one very cost-effective solution is CoverArt by Stealth Acoustics.

Some examples of the Cover Art moldings:

Morgan Harman of The Tech Source:

You could go with a finish carpenter or find a fabrication shop that works with other materials. Expect it to be pricey, probably as much as the TV. A quick search pulls up some other options, this being one of the first I found:

And here are some suggestions, courtesy of CE Pro Editor Julie Jacobson:

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