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Q. What Type of TV Works Best With Natural Light?
LCDs get the nod but plasmas and DLP TVs have their strengths too, says Graig Stephens of Visually Sound.
May 07, 2008 by Graig Stephens

Q. There seems to be a lot of plasma TVs on sale, however I want to know which is better for a room with a lot of natural light; Plasma, DLP, or LCD? - Reggie, Bowie, MD

If you do a lot of daytime viewing LCD would be the best choice for a room with a lot of light. LCD TVs are the brightest of the three. Plasmas have improved over the past couple years. They used to be near impossible to watch in any light due to the glass, but many manufacturers have added an anti-glare screen to eliminate that problem. Plasmas have the edge over LCD with the black levels. LCDs tend to have more of a dark grey look as opposed to black. But for everyday viewing this should not be an issue. DLP will give you more screen size for your money, but it’s not as bright as an LCD TV. If you are not sitting close to center though, DLP would be the way to go. It has the best off-axis viewing of the three.

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Graig Stephens - Executive Partner, Visually Sound
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