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Q. How Can I Listen to My iTunes Through My Home Theater System?
Whether it's an iPod dock or some simple RCA jacks, streaming music is easy, says Dan Fulmer.
April 28, 2008 by Dan Fulmer

Q. How can I listen to my iTunes collection through my home theater system or whole-house audio system? - Phil, Austin, TX

Today there are many alternative solutions to do this. The biggest question is how do you want to view and interface the iPod. Several companies currently sell iPod docking solutions that have audio and sometimes video outputs to connect to a local or whole house system. Crestron makes the iDock for around $1000 offers an integrated solution that shows the song, title, artist etc to various touchscreens and remotes around the house. Escient makes a unit called the FP-1 which is a iPod docking station as well as an internet radio, it allows for you to view the music and videos on your TV Screen and only runs around $500. There are several other units available as well, ranging in price from a few hundred on up. Of course, a simple solution is to purchase a 3.5mm jack to a pair of RCA jacks. These are sold all over, and most electronics stores from Radio Shack to Wal-Mart carries them. You simply plug them into the iPod headphone output and then plug into your receivers RCA jacks. This solution offers no control over the iPod and only delivers whatever is playing on the iPod to the receiver. You would need to manually control the iPod as normal to change anything. 

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