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Q. Can Your Recommend an In-Ceiling Speaker for My 6.1 Theater?
You have several options, but learn to trust your custom installer, says Bryant Moore of Moore Audio Designs.
April 04, 2008 by Bryant Moore

Q. Can you recommend an in-ceiling speaker for my 6.1 theater room? I would like a mid to high level speaker. Have you ever heard of TruAudio speakers. How good are they? - Rohan

This is a difficult thing to do, first, without knowing anything else about your system and environment and second, because there are many very good speaker manufacturers out there. Every custom dealer has their own speaker lines that they support. For instance, the two main speaker lines at our company are RBH and Triad (we love these guys and all of their speakers). They both have middle and high-end in-ceiling speaker options from which to choose. Another custom installer (CI) will have the lines they support. Start with the lines that your CI guy has to offer and give them a good listen. If they sound good to you and are a good match in sonic character to your existing system then go for it. As the old adage goes, “You gotta trust somebody, sometime,” start with the recommendations of your custom installer. Making informed and thoughtful equipment recommendations for our clients is what we are supposed to do. While I don’t have any personal experience with TruAudio, they seem to have a good reputation, loyal dealer support, and regularly receive very positive industry recognition for their speakers. They sound like a great place to start.

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A classically-trained musician and former network administrator, Bryant Moore has turned a lifelong passion for music and A/V equipment into a thriving business with Charlotte, NC based Moore Audio Design. He has over a decade of experience in designing and implementing home electronics systems.

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