Q. Can You Recommend a Cooling Fan for My A/V Cabinet?
Graig Stephens offers up some cooling solutions for your A/V gear.
November 07, 2008 by Graig Stephens

Q. I need to cool a medium size equipment cabinet. What are your recommendations for fans & thermostats? -Bill, Columbia

A. We use Active Thermal Management, to cool all of our installations that require thermal solutions. They offer rack-mountable fans, pieces that can sit in between stacked gear, and fans hat can be installed in knockouts and cutouts of cabinets. Many of these systems already have thermostats as part of the equipment. These thermostats have predetermined points, which is nice for small to medium A/V cabinets.

Another company to look at is Middle Atlantic. They also carry many solutions for cooling equipment.

For more advanced control, look to Scythe. They have control systems that can monitor different points of your cabinet and cool as needed.

For more info, check out “Venting Your Home Theater Equipment.”

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Graig Stephens - Executive Partner, Visually Sound
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