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Q. Can You Recommend a Computer Monitor/TV?
Your interest in gaming plays a big role in this decision, says Simon Scotland, of Beyond the Invisible.
June 27, 2008 by Simon Scotland

Q. I want to buy a combination computer monitor/TV, around 23 - 30-inches. Can you make any recommendations? - Todd, Iraq (deployed)

A. Most LCD TVs will have sockets that allow you to connect your computer for viewing either in VGA or HDMI. DVI sockets are becoming more rare on screens but more computers now have HDMI outputs. However, if your computer usage on the screen is primarily for gaming, you need to consider the response time of the screen. This refers to how quickly it changes the color of the pixels. It’s measured in milliseconds - the smaller the number, the better. For example, Samsung’s 22-in. LN22A450 LCD has a response time of 8ms - this would be a good choice if TV watching is the main use. Here in Europe they also sell their Pebble SM2032MW 20-in. monitor with built-in TV tuner. This has a response time of 5ms and might be a better choice for gamers. At the smaller screen size you suggest (23-inches), manufacturers often seem to re-use computer monitors which lessens the video quality. At the larger end of your size scale (30-inches), the screens are primarily designed for video.

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Simon spent eight years in the feature film production. Upon leaving the industry he formed Beyond the Invisible in London UK which specializes in high end whole house entertainment systems, home theaters and lighting control and currently has a staff on ten. He is a certified CEDIA designer and avid collector of Citroen automobiles.

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