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Q. Can You Recommend a 16 Source, 42 Zone Multiroom System?
There isn't one distributed audio system that can fill those requirements, but you do have some options.
May 07, 2009 by Graig Stephens

Q. I’m looking for a multi-room system that has 16 sources to 42 zones and a media server for my movie collection. Is there a system out there that can handle it? - Sami Jann/Edmonton Alberta

A. That is quite a system you are looking for and one I would love to design. The largest distributed audio system available today is made by Russound. Their Sphere E-Series allows 12 sources and 38 zones, short of what you are looking for, but still a very robust system.

There are a couple of options with a system of this size. You could scale down the number of sources and use sub zones (e.g. dining room is linked to your kitchen) or a completely customized solution. What you would need is a 232 controlled preamp with 16 inputs and enough amps for all the speakers in the project, 84 channels.

To control the system, I recommend either Elan or HomeLogic depending how much of your home you would like to control through each keypad. If you would like to control only the music, Elan will work. If you want to integrate your lighting and security into each keypad, I would go with HomeLogic.

You have many options for your media server. We use Escient for all of our Media Server Installations because of their great customer service and product. The Vision series would be optimal. It has a very user friendly interface and can hold an unlimited amount of media.

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Graig Stephens - Executive Partner, Visually Sound
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