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Q. Can You Help Me Stream Content to My Bathroom TV?
Windows Media Center and Apple TV are your best options, says Graig Stephens of Visually Sound.
May 19, 2008 by Graig Stephens

Q. What are my options for a TV in the bathroom prewired with a cat5 and a coax? I would like to stream my home video, mp3’s, photos, etc., but space is limited on the wall. What I have in mind may not exist: A TV with Ethernet and a built in media player. -Tony

The choices for this type of application are limited at the moment, but there are a couple of options for what you are looking for. HP has a new line of TVs that act as an extender to a Windows Media Center PC. If you are storing all your media on a PC this is a great program to use. In Windows Media Center you are able to record TV, view your pictures, listen to and download music, download movies, and get the latest news and sports updates. I recently started using Windows Media Center at home and I was able to eliminate a monthly bill by canceling my cable company’s DVR service. Due to your limited wall space though, this may not be what you are looking for. The smallest display is 37-in. at the moment.

Apple TV is an option for you. Despite the name this is not a TV. It connects to your TV allowing you access to your media and Internet media. It is only 8x8 inches and has an IR receiver on it for control. From what I have heard and seen on this, it is Apple’s answer to Media Center, allowing many of the same features. You are able to use almost any TV with this setup giving you plenty of options for your bathroom.

If neither of these suite your needs, there are a few models that have been released in Europe, but have not made their way to the States yet. 

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Graig Stephens - Executive Partner, Visually Sound
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