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Q. Can I Repair My Damaged HDMI Connector?
Break out your soldering kit, provided you have a steady hand, says Simon Scotland of Beyond the Invisible.
August 06, 2008 by Simon Scotland

Q. My HDMI connector may be damaged. Can it be repaired/replaced? I have a second HDMI cable, will a splitter, with two short cables to the cable box and HDTV w/DVD work? -Paul

A. Damaged HDMI cables are a real bore and quite a problem. I am assuming it’s the connector that is broken rather than the cable itself. Believe it or not, it is possible to solder HDMI connectors. You can buy an HDMI socket and very carefully solder the cables to the correct pins. Seeing your cable is busted already, it’s probably worth a try! We have had success with this method in the past when there has been a small accident with a power tool and an HDMI cable.

Your splitter idea will also work. Given that you are talking about two short cables, I assume the damaged end is near the gear rather than the screen. You’ll need a 2:1 HDMI switch which allows you to switch between your cable box and your DVD. This can be programmed into your remote control to switch when you switch sources. If you don’t have an all-in-one remote, you could use an automatic switch. We’ve used these when a client has decided to add a PS3 to a system with only one HDMI socket on the TV. This switch has two inputs that will automatically change to the second input when that device is powered on. In your case, you could attach the DVD player to input 2 and when you switch the player on, the switch will automatically switch to the DVD source.

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Simon spent eight years in the feature film production. Upon leaving the industry he formed Beyond the Invisible in London UK which specializes in high end whole house entertainment systems, home theaters and lighting control and currently has a staff on ten. He is a certified CEDIA designer and avid collector of Citroen automobiles.

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