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Cozy & Cool: Best Furniture & Mounts of 2007
Mounts, lifts, and home theater furniture are often the finishing touches that can make the difference.
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September 12, 2007 by EH Staff

Media rooms should be comfortable, and that means for both you and your electronics. For you, that’s the multitude of seating options on which you can sit back, relax and kick up your heels before the movie or football game begins.

For your TV and A/V components, it could be an eye-pleasing, modern-looking cabinet or stand, or a wall mount or recessed box that allows your flat-panel to sit flush against the cushy wall. Just get your set into the 21st century already.

When it comes to seating, there’s traditional theater, and then there’s enhanced theater. The HTS100 theater chair from Bell’O will make anyone want to sit down for a couple of hours and take in a movie. Heck, you’ll even want to wait out a three-hour Lord of the Rings epic before you get up for a bathroom break after sitting in this Product-of-the-Year comfort.

For some extra zing in your theater experience, add a Universal Motion Platform from D-BOX to your seating and really let the bass shake you up. Play some “Halo 3” or “Madden NFL ‘08” with it and you might feel like some kind of ‘80s movie where you’re trapped as a character in the game.

Gently set your TV and A/V on and within furniture from BDI and OmniMount to make it truly feel at home in your media room. Hey, if you’re cozy, why can’t your media components be as well? Maybe it’ll help them perform better.

Or mount your TV, and even speakers, with assistance from Chief Manufacturing, Sanus Systems, K2 Mounts and Premier Mounts for a viewing experience that will keep your eyes glued to the wall – and leave a little room leftover in your living space.

Don’t forget about the comfort of your equipment rack, either – Active Thermal Management’s Cool-stack III will keep the components fresh and well ventilated.

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