YouTube Opens New ‘Movies’ and ‘Shows’ Sections

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YouTube has added movies and TV shows sections

YouTube has added full-length content from a handful of studios to start populating its movie and TV shows areas.

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We’ve been hearing about YouTube’s efforts to challenge Hulu as a movie and TV content provider—and more of a moneymaker—for several months now it seems.

Well the Google-owned site has added content partners and opened two areas on YouTube’s home page directory (with a burst of “New” in yellow next to the section headers) that take you straight to full-length movies and TV shows.

The company has teamed with the likes of Sony (and its popular Crackle channel), CBS, MGM, Lions Gate and BBC to give you full-length video treats, and perhaps make all of those YouTube-accessible TVs and set-top boxes (a la Apple TV) more palatable to viewing something other than blocky home videos.

We’ll say it’s a little raw, for starters, though, unless you’re a big fan of unearthing kitschy 70s and 80s content, some nearly 3-hour Bollywood flicks, a couple of “cult” classics (read: you’d have to be brainwashed to sit through), and a few primetime hits of yore like “Fantasy Island” and “T.J. Hooker” and others.

Of course, surfing through web videos is always liable to dig up a few gems here and there, and there are in fact some titles that will carry some intrigue to people—even an Alfred Hitchcock movie or two to enjoy.

And we know this is just the start. Hulu wouldn’t be Hulu, either, if it didn’t have its share of schlock to go with the goods. Course, we’ll be even happier if we hear more about that Disney angle Google was reportedly working.

Stream any of these TV shows or movies to your big-screen TV yet? If so, how do they look?

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