Yamaha TSX-140 Adds Audio to the Desktop


The new docking station includes the company's proprietary IntelliAlarm wake-up call.

Nov. 29, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We really hate the term, “rise and shine.” Oh—we’ll rise, but we don’t have to shine or anything else remotely close.

Yamaha wants to ease you into the day with their new the TSX-140 Desktop Audio System. This isn’t like any other iPod dock/clock combo. It features the company’s own IntelliAlarm system, which can gradually wake you up instead of shocking you into consciousness (and possibly a horrible mood).

Supposedly, that type of wake-up call will leave you more relaxed. It certainly can’t leave you less relaxed, can it?

If you’re not sold on the alarm features, the TSX-140 can still serve as a nice iPod Touch or iPhone dock. Featuring dual 3.5-inch ported bass reflex speakers and digital amplifiers, the TSX-140 boasts Yamaha’s own Concert Quality Sound and Extended Stereo.

The TSX-140 also welcomes other musical options, through AM/FM programming, as well as the dock’s USB mini-B connector.

Available in black, brick and gray, the Yamaha TSX-140 will run you $399.95.

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