Yamaha All-in-One TV Rack

Yamaha AVX-LC30

The Yamaha AVX-LC30 rack system.

The AVX-LC30 combines rack, speakers and components into one easy-to-swallow package.

Mar. 07, 2007 — by Gordon Jones

A little late to the party but someone at Yamaha realized these all-in-one TV racks are catching on. Their entry, the AVX-LC30, includes a 35Wx6 channel amp, one subwoofer, two front speakers, a remote, an optional DVD player, and of course, a rack to hold it all. Designed for a 32”-42” flat screen, the rack will support up to 110lbs.

The missing center speaker, not to mention the sub’s confined placement, could be enough to put some off. However, one-stop solutions like the AVX-LC30 do fill a nitch and are obviously on the minds of the makers. Toss in a mini-fridge and I might be game.

Available in Japan March 15. Cost is $780. No word on U.S. availability.

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