Xtreme Ties Cell To Home Phone

Xtreme XLink

Xtreme’s XLink gateway allows users to add up to three mobile phones into their landline setup.

The XLink combines up to three cell phones with your landline for one mighty call center.

Nov. 13, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Apparently, people still want their home and cell phones to play nice. For those occasions, Xtreme Technology just announced the XLink, a Bluetooth gateway which ties your home phone together with up to three mobile lines. 

It sort of makes sense for someone like me. I never have my cell phone on me. Instead of worrying about missed calls, the XLink would route cell calls through the house phone. It’s also nice for those that still don’t have a home plan that pads long distance into the price. Instead, you could use those unused mobile minutes with your home handset. Even if you already dumped landline service; it can still send calls to a house phone while your cell charges.

A nifty feature allows users to assign rings to specific cell lines, which makes it easier to identify.

Two models are available: the XLink BT ($70) and BTTN ($100). XLink also offers an optional long distance service, with unlimited calling for $25 per month.

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