Xperinet Adding Multilingual Capabilities to User Interface

Xperinet menu

Xperinet’s MIRV server menu

The new UI will allow users to select their preferred language for navigating Xperinet's MIRV server product line.

May. 15, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Media storage and IP media distributor Xperinet, Inc. has announced the introduction of multiple language capability for its Multiple Independent Replay Video (MIRV) server product line. The new database-driven User Interface (UI) gives customers the ability to select their preferred language for Menus in each zone of the house. 

The multilingual UI is scheduled for release June in firmware update 3.4, and will be backwards compatible with existing MIRV systems in the field. 

The initial release will include several prominent languages, while a subsequent release this summer will include a utility for dealers and distributors to create their own translations, adjust font sizes, and view the changes on the screen before publication. This is highly valuable for customers whose primary language is less commonly spoken, says Xperinet. 

The system supports double-byte Unicode characters to ensure compatibility with non-western alphabets such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and the system is also bi-directional, providing support for languages written from right to left such as Arabic or Hebrew.

Visit www.xperinet.com for more information.

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