Xantech Rolls Out Touchwheel Remote Control

xantech remote

Xantech’s XTR39 LCD remote

The XTR39 LCD touchscreen remote from Xantech features the popular clickwheel on the bottom half of its design, and a 3.9-inch screen.

Oct. 11, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

To add to a popular Grateful Dead lyric, the clickwheel is turning and you can’t slow down ... so when it comes to design these days just keep following Apple’s lead.

Xantech’s new XTR39 LCD touchscreen remote control is a sweet-looking, clickwheel-driven unit that holds more than 100,000 IR control codes to let you command pretty much A/V device you put in its way.

Yep, the touchwheel adds to the ease and convenience of use—deft users need only one hand to scroll through menus and commands while browsing the 3.9-inch color LCD screen.

If your components are stowed away somewhere, you can add Xantech’s RF2IR base station for advance, no-line-of-sight experience by incorporating radio frequency. The wireless control will extend through walls beyond 100 feet, the company says.

So if the IR thunder don’t get you then the RF lightning will (hey, one more Wheel reference can’t hurt).

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