World’s Simplest iPad Mount


Nickel-thin PadTab pieces adhere to the back of the iPad and a flat surface. The result is a tidy $30 "system" that lets you easily mount and un-mount iPad with no damage to walls.

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While specialty A/V manufacturers are rushing to finish their all-too-clever iPad wall mounts, a new company is sneaking in with a solution so simple it’ll make you do that V8 head-smack thing.

The new product is the PadTab, composed of two very-flat pieces with sticky stuff on the back: Affix the PadTab piece to the back of the iPad, and the small WallTab to any flat surface such as a refrigerator, hallway or that wall opposite the toilet.

Both items can be painted, so the little WallTab can practically disappear into the wall surface.

Once the plastic pieces are stuck to their respective surfaces, simply slide the iPad into the WallTab and there you have it—a flat-mounted touchscreen.

It’s fairly dummy-proof. The PadTab has a tab on all four sides so you can’t affix it backwards. They only way to mess it up is to mount it crooked, so grab your level … perhaps the one downloaded from the App Store!

The tabs are about as thin as a nickel, so the iPad can still slide neatly into a case, and the WallTab probably won’t snag your silk shirt.

The good news is, if you don’t like it, simply remove the tabs by holding them under a blow-dryer for a few seconds “and it twists right off,” says one “silent partner” who asked not to be identified. “Usually the adhesive rolls right off when you peel with your fingers. No damage!”

The adhesive is strong, we are told.

The PadTab is advertised to support up to 5 pounds, and the iPad weights only 1.6 pounds, so you shouldn’t worry about dropping your screen unless you’re a klutz and you miss the WallTab altogether.

My source says:

The adhesive is an industrial strength version of the 3M Command Strips and are clear. We are actually working with 3M currently to let us use their logo in our branding. They have up to 70 pounds of vertical sheer strength which is more than enough for iPad (1.6 pounds). If you watch one of our videos we actually hung a 5-pound frying pan from one with no issues just to show how “strong” it is.

Will users be tempted to adhere a PadTab to the back side of a small child? Serious time out!

The PadTab with with WallTabs retails for $30. Extra WallTabs are $10 each.

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