Woofer Speakers Dog Me with Nightmares


This setup includes two 20-inch polyester headless dog-inspired speakers.

Man's best friend delivers your slippers, the paper, and killer home audio, thanks to this creepy new set from Buro Vormkrijgers.

Oct. 22, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I have to hand it to Buro Vormkrijgers. He has come up with a speaker design that is so unique, I want to meet the person that actually owns it.

The woofer (get it!?!) is a co-axial speaker system consisting of two dogs—or at least part of them. The site says it’s like having two new best friends. If this is what the buyer does to their friends, I’d like to see the “enemy” room.

Specs aside, I am honestly wondering how many people have “decapitated dog” as their decor theme. Please let me know. I want to feature you in an ElectronicHouse.com Halloween spook-tacular.

Is this what my dog is dreaming about when her eyeball is sort of turning in the back of her head and her leg is twitching? I always thought it has something to do with a world pork-chop shortage; now I know otherwise.

The speaker set costs $999 for a set of two. Therapy costs may vary.

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