Wiring for a New TV Installation


Proper wiring the first time saves headaches later.

Dec. 03, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I’m remodeling a basement and want to install a 65” plasma TV….wall hung above a cabinet for peripherals….Blu-ray, HD cable box, etc….I don’t want any wiring showing between the TV and the cabinet…..what kind of in-wall prewiring do I need to install for wiring between the cabinet and the TV

CE Pro Senior Editor Robert Archer says:
I would look at the in-wall power cabling kit from Panamax to start. From there I would run multiple Cat-5 (Ethernet) for Internet connectivity for the BD player and TV (if it’s Web enabled). It sounds like your TV won’t be too far from the equipment so long distance HDMI runs shouldn’t be an issue. I would run a couple of HDMI cables with some slack to maneuver the cables into position for connections.  Also a basic RG-6 (coax cable) should be run too.

For your own ease of install consider running conduit to make any future cabling runs easier than having to snake additional cables through the walls.

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