WinniF Air Speakers Offer Wireless iPod Experience


The WinniF speaker has an LED mood light, which changes blue, red, green and white.

Responding to hand signals, these speakers give a good excuse to start the wave.

Nov. 18, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Can you hear me now? Who cares? The WinniF Air Speaker looks darn cool.

The WinniF speaker is designed to work with your iPod, throwing in yet another nifty design to confuse your purchasing decisions even more. However, this device does add something new: motion sensors.

So in other words, wave like a mental patient and you can control this speaker’s volume. Sci-Fi Tech says it also has FM radio support, and a funky mood light LED.

It’s yet another idea to add to that list of possible gifts for the geek on your holiday list; get your friends flapping their hands for just $65 each.

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