Winner Selected in Control4/Electronic House Contest


One lucky reader was picked to receive a prize package from home automation manufacturer Control4.

Jan. 26, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We’re happy to announce that a winner has been chosen in the “What Do You Want to Control?” contest sponsored by Control4 and Electronic House. We were even happier to receive all of the entries, and highlight many creative ones, on a weekly basis after asking you to submit a 150-word reason as to what you wanted to control in your house.

Lucky reader Melvin E. from Alabama will receive a Control4 prize package worth more than $5,000 that includes products for easy and convenient automation and audio/video controls in his home.

Here was his entry: “I NEED a simple way to control the devices in my house that are electronic, so that I can actually enjoy them. My wife is constantly asking me: ‘I must have hit the wrong button, what do I do?’; ‘Why won’t the music play?’; ‘Which remote am I supposed to use?’; ‘What speed is the fan on?’; ‘Did you set the alarm?’; ‘How come it won’t turn on?’; ‘I pressed the button, but nothing happened,’ and on and on. She means well, she really does. But she is electronically challenged, and expects me to solve all her issues, and I’m starting to really dislike electronics because of it. She’s even called while I was on a business trip because she had messed something up on the TV. A book and a lantern are sounding pretty good right about now. Help me please!”

Thanks, Melvin, we’re pretty sure you and your wife’s problems will be going away soon after you only need a couple of buttons to handle all of those tasks. Thanks again to all who entered.

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