Windows Media Server Gets Taste of SageTV


The SageTV Media Server can access the contents of your Windows Media Server from any web browser.

The SageTV Media Server works with the Windows-based drive to provide the ultimate entertainment selection anywhere, anytime.

Nov. 07, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

SageTV has already hoped on the Windows Home Server bandwagon. They’re getting their spot early!

The company just announced the release of the SageTV Media Server for—you guessed it—the Microsoft Windows Home Server.

Using the SageTV Placeshifter media player, Sage’s product enables users to view live TV, from any screen, anytime. It also work with photos, music or pretty much anything else on your PC. Combine the two together, and you’ve got quite a portable media library at your disposal.

The new product also throws in the ability to share with portables, such as the Zune, iPod, iPhone, Motorola’s RAZR, and more.

The SageTV Media Server software runs $79.95; you’ll need to throw in an extra $100 for the TV tuner—and you know you will. There are a slew of other packages and options as well. Check the website for details, as well as the option for a 21-day free test drive.

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