Will Hulu Start Charging You to View Content?

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Hulu experimenting with subscription-based content, according to NBC Universal exec.

Oct. 22, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The success of Hulu has largely stemmed from being able to watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime ... for free.

However, it appears free content is not for long on the popular video-viewing site.

According to NBC Universal TV chief Marc Graboff, Hulu is experimenting with different business models, including subscription-based content “to turn those digital pennies into digital dollars.”

Hulu is jointly owned by General Electric Co’s NBC Universal, News Corp’s Fox Entertainment and Walt Disney Co’s ABC.

“I know [Hulu is] looking at any number of things,” Graboff adds, “like adding inventory (more advertising) or creating a subscription model with different windows.”

And by windows, Graboff means limited content availability. The specifics are not clear yet on what content could be subscription-based and what could be available to the masses.

But we do know not many (if any) outlets have been successful, yet, charging its users to view content.

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