Who Makes the Best HDTVs?


Tell us which manufacturer makes the best flat panel high-definition TVs.

Feb. 25, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

With the prices of flat panel HDTVs dropping dramatically over the past year, it’s almost difficult to differentiate between the big screens on display at your local retailer.

Most of the time, shoppers are looking for the resolution, number of inputs/outputs, the screen size, and maybe the brand.

But there are certainly HDTVs that perform better than others. Pioneer, who recently announced they’d be leaving the TV market, got almost universal accolades for the Kuro plasma line. Vizio, an upstart brand that most hadn’t heard of 3 years ago, now sells more flat panels than Sony. But Sony did come out on top in a recent reliability survey.

When it comes to your HDTV preferences, we want to know who you think reigns supreme.

There are a ton of flat panel manufacturers, so we haven’t listed everybody here. If you think we’re missing someone key, let us know in a comment.

So, who makes the best HDTVs?

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