Which Movies, Music, Apps Belong to Which Connected TVs?


HD Guru Gary Merson offers a handy checklist showing which major TV brands deliver Vudu, Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Pandora, Rhapsody and other streaming services.

Nov. 01, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

What’s the difference between Hulu, Netflix, Google TV and all of the other streaming content services now flooding the market, and how can you get them?

HD Guru Gary Merson provides a handy overview of the most popular online music and movie services, and links them to the connected TVs that provide them.

Merson only glosses over Hulu Plus, CinemaNow, Blockbuster on Demand, Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, as well as some music services (Pandora, Rhapsody) and popular apps (Skype, Flickr). So you won’t use this pocket guide to select your services.

But if you know what services you already want, you can find the right connected TV to deliver them.

Merson covers all of the major TV brands, but leaves the dedicated streaming devices – Roku, Boxee Box, Media Center PC, Apple TV, iPad, Popbox and others – for another day.

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