What’s the Best Universal Remote?

logitech harmony one

Logitech’s Harmony One

Our "AVS Recommends" series overwhelmingly gave that nod to Logitech's Harmony One, but there are many other solid ones out there.

Dec. 15, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The One—it was a played a central role in the sci-fi, techie new-classic “The Matrix,” so it’s only fitting that it plays the central role in your classic home theater setup too. When you want to fire up “The Matrix” and other movies on your big screen, the knowledgeable crowd at AVS Forum recommends The One—as in the Logitech Harmony One universal remote control as our “AVS Recommends” poll winner this week.

The AVSers should know, too, as they as a whole put together killer home theaters, and not your everyday 50-inch plasma and HTIB surround-sound system. They’ve got a plethora of electronics, audio and video to sync together and control with one easy device, and the Harmony One was far and away their recommendation.

The Harmony One garnered more than a third of the 150-plus recommendations in the open-ended voting. And that wasn’t the only universal remote from Logitech that users liked (including the runner-up and third-place vote getters)—a few other models earned their way into this week’s slideshow.

So is the Harmony One, or Logitech in general, the best universal remote out there that you’d recommend to a friend? Does it have all the features you’re looking for? There were a few other companies that AVSers suggested. Hey, you would think that a company in particular that’s called Universal Remote Control would make some pretty worthy products in that category—and there is one from URC on the list.

To check out all of the AVS Forum’s most recommended universal remote controls, click on the slideshow here.

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