What Apple TV Improvements Do You Want?

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Apple sought feedback recently on its Apple TV product

Apple reportedly surveyed its Apple TV purchasers on how they use the product, and other electronics in their home, to gauge what improvements to make.

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Are you an Apple TV user? Have you thought about owning Apple TV but something’s holding you back?

We’re not sure what exactly Apple has in store for its “hobby” set-top box, but reportedly is coming off a banner year and the Cupertino, Calif.-company conducted a little survey of Apple TV owners to see what improvements can be added.

The survey has been pulled off the web now, but AppleInsider got its hands on it and notes, among other things, Apple was inquiring about:

  • What size display you watch
  • What type of display (LCD, plasma, etc)
  • How robust the audio system (TV speakers, stereo, 5.1, 7.1 surround)
  • How often the device is used for photos, home movies, renting movies
  • Go with Apple TV remote or is it programmed into a universal?
  • Is it synced to iTunes, and how much do you have stored there
  • How much Apple TV content comes from the likes of YouTube, BitTorrent, your own DVDs and more
  • What other devices are in your household (Blu-ray, gaming consoles, etc)

So how do you use your Apple TV? Do you have the 40-GB or 160-GB model? Do you have the Roku box for Netflix rentals instead of buying from iTunes? Update: Apple is also reportedly readying a streaming on-demand video service to the store called iTunes Replay that will let users watch purchases without worrying about storing them. (via Engadget HD)

Apple TV sales were up threefold in 2008, so it seems a good time for the company to figure out how to capitalize on this market as more people look to simplify media shifting. For those who’ve knocked Apple’s set-top box for lack of certain functionalities, what offerings would you like to see? Let us know in comments below.



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