Want to Know About the Importance of Power Conditioning? Take It From This Guy

Buddy Guy guitar

In order to eliminate the line noise that guitars like the Fender Stratocaster pick up, musicians like Buddy Guy are using power conditioning to minimize the problem.

Legendary guitarist Buddy Guy is using Tripp Lite power conditioning and power regulation to protect his equipment from line noise and surges.

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Power conditioning is one of those consumer electronics categories that perhaps not enough consumers know about. It’s only when there’s a power surge and gear gets fried that they learn the hard way.

Here’s a solid endorsement for power conditioning and power regulation: Buddy Guy, a five-time Grammy Award winner and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, has enlisted the help of Tripp Lite to keep his electronics safe during live performances at his club, Buddy Guy’s Legends and on the road.

Dave Katzman, production manager for Buddy Guy, says the blues musician’s club needed the technologies that Tripp Lite offers in order to ensure the club’s busy schedule of acts.  “Buddy Guy’s Legends is located in a vintage building with an equally vintage electrical system,” he points out. “We were plagued with constant power problems, including brownouts, overvoltages and surges. Additionally, a nearby electrical substation was producing severe EMI/RFI line noise interference that played havoc with the front of the house mixing console, effects racks and stage.”

Over the past few years professionals in the music and consumer electronics industries have begun to realize how badly AC power can affect the performance of sensitive components. Guy joins a growing number of musicians that are now using power conditioning and voltage regulation to protect their gear. As a result of the music industry’s usage of these power devices, many within the consumer electronics industry are now implementing power conditioning and power regulation to protect and enhance the performance of home theater, home network and other residential systems.

Whether you’re a DIY’er or have a professionally installed equipment rack, you’ll want to make sure there’s a space reserved on there for power conditioning products.

Check out www.tripplite.com for more information.

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