Wadia Digital’s iTransport for your iPod

Wadia iTransport

Wadia Digital’s iTransport

Wadia Digital's iTransport bypassess the iPod's D/A converter for a clean bit-perfect digital signal ideal for your lossless tunes.

Jan. 04, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

For those who are more into quality over quantity, chances are you like your iPod music in crispy lossless full-resolution formats (of course thanks to the 80- and 160-GB versions you can still pack in the tunes).

Now you can listen to those tunes in the purest digital fashion through your home entertainment system with Wadia Digital’s iTransport, which takes the audio right from a direct digital signal from an iPod—all current versions including the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The $349 unit lets you dock an iPod and create your own truly digital music server, as it bypasses the D/A converter and output stage of the iPod so you receive the cleanest bit-perfect digital audio possible, and CD-quality resolution from your Apple Lossless and .WAV file formats.

The iTransport is 2 x 8 x 8 inches so it’ll fit snugly into your existing entertainment rack. Wondering about your iPod videos? It’ll give you DVD-quality output of the video signal as well, according to the folks at Wadia Digital.

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