Wadia Boosts Sonics with 151 PowerDAC Mini


Wadia’s 151 PowerDAC mini

The company's new digital-to-analog converter enhances your digital music files in a compact form factor.

Feb. 17, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Wadia has been doing its best to get your digital audio files up to audiophile speed for your quality listening environment. The company’s iTransport that came out a couple of years ago was hailed for its pureness in handling iPod music, for example.

The company’s focus on improving your digital music continues with its latest offering, the 151 PowerDAC mini ($1,195), which is designed to complement the iTransport and provide benefits of Wadia’s original Reference PowerDAC.

Don’t let the mini’s 2 x 8 x 8-inch dimensions fool you. It packs a digital-to-analog conversion punch to deliver pristine analog-sounding audio reproduction to your speakers, whether they’re for background listening or higher-end two-channel environments.

The unit has two SPDIF digital coax inputs, one Toslink input and one USB input for versatile connection, and it’s rated at 50 watts (4 ohms). And these days, chances are you’ll link to that USB to get more out of your PC-stored audio of iTunes, WAV or FLAC files. Wadia’s proprietary DigiMaster reconstruction filter system bumps digital audio data rates to 384kHz.

The front of the 151 PowerDAC mini features an LED backlit display, volume control, mute, phase and input buttons for simplistic controls. You can even use the included IR remote to command your iTransport. Sometimes a good thing gets even better, especially when there’s music involved.

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