Vuzix Demos Cloud Service in Augmented Reality Glasses


Photo courtesy of Cyborg Vision.

Vuzix is teaming up with NEC BIGLOBE for a new type of futuristic eyewear.

Feb. 20, 2012 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Vuzix, who is known for stylish 3D glasses, is now looking to strap something else to your face.

The idea of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses is nothing new (Google is actually hoping to get in on it as well). It’s not even new for Vuzix. However, the company just called upon the bigwigs at NEC BIGLOBE to create a cloud-enabled concept demo using Vuzix STAR series AR video eyewear.

The whole thing is a big system of cloud content, built-in cameras and displays. With all of that stuff strapped to your face, it sounds like you’d be a walking, talking human cyborg. Maybe not talking. You probably want to spend all of your energy concentrating on the walking thing, since, you know… this stuff is strapped to your face

Right now, the demo allows said cyborg to view people and match them with Twitter and Facebook profiles, as if that’s something you’d need immediate access to on a grocery run. If it matches the person to their arrest record, then we might have something.

While that option doesn’t seem to be in the works, NEC BIGLOBE says that bigger things are planned for its concept. For instance, the glasses will be incorporated into hobbies such as like skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing and fishing. This could allow users to identify fish on the fly, find friends on the slopes, and more. It kind of sounds more like an accident waiting to happen, but hey.

Details about the cloud enhancements are sketchy at this point. However, Vuzix is currently selling its STAR 1200 Augmented Reality System for $4,999 per pair.

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