Vutec Shows Off Its Dyna-Curve

vutec dyna-curve

Vutec’s Vision-X Dyna-Curve screen and masking

Screen manufacturer Vutec has introduced its Vision-X Dyna-Curve screen for 2.35 home theater setups with masking system for other aspect ratios.

Oct. 31, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We’re officially in love with the 2.35 home theater setup. Call it what you want—Cinemascope, ‘scope, constant image height, superwide—it’s the most exciting trend in home theater.

As part of it, we’re also seeing screen manufacturers not only produce more 2.35:1 aspect ratio screens, but those slightly curved so every part of the screen gets uniform brightness and image quality. The latest is from Vutec, whose Vision-X Dyna-Curve has sleek looks and, well, great curves.

This stunner includes an advanced multi-aspect masking system to use with the anamorphic lens projection 2.35:1 setups—so you can watch 16:9 regular HD programming and even 4:3 standard-def programming in an immersive way without unused pillar bars on the sides of the screen.

The Dyna-Curve also has a 6.0 gain , available with Vutec’s SilverStar, BriteWhite, Opaque, PearlBrite, GreyDove and SoundScreen surfaces for a variety of room environments and still offer great contrast and color reproduction.

Dyna-Curve is available now and comes as a three-piece modular unit for all surfaces except SilverStar, whose rigid screen surface comes fully assembled.

Pricing ranges from $18,400 to $25,200, with standard and custom sizes available for all the screen curve you can handle.

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