VUDU Unleashes XL2 Set-Top


VUDU’s new XL2 box will pack 1 terabyte of storage into one rack unit (1U) of space.

The streaming device has a new slim style to fit into a 1U rack-mountable box.

Nov. 18, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

VUDU just announced more high-def flicks. Now they’ve got a new box to celebrate that wealth of entertainment.

The new VUDU XL2 still delivers the same VUDU content, including the company’s HDX format, but in a much slimmer package. The company flattened out the form factor a bit, so you could fit the 1TB device into one rack unit (1U) of space.

Other features include both IP and IR control, 1080i output over component, and the option to route/switch high-def signals via off-the-shelf video switchers.

“The introduction of the XL2 reflects our unwavering commitment to the custom installation market,” said Tony Miranz, VUDU’s executive VP of sales and business development. “VUDU XL2 is designed for easy and secure integration into rack-mounted systems and delivers the world’s largest HD library as well as the highest-quality on-demand 1080p HD making VUDU XL2 an installer’s weapon of choice.”

That’s right—sadly, the VUDU XL2, like its predecessor, is only available through professional installers. Aside from the pro costs, expect to shell out $1,299.

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