Vudu Enters World of Wireless

vudu bundle

Vudu’s wireless box and kit bundle

A $79 Vudu Wireless Kit is now available, as well as a $349 Vudu wireless bundle for the video set-top box manufacturer.

Jun. 05, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The Vudu set-top box doesn’t need to go on top of the set anymore (and really, with flat-panel TVs now, isn’t it time we ditch the term set-top?), it can be pretty much anywhere in your house.

The company has introduced the Vudu Wireless Kit, so you don’t have to have it tied to an ethernet connection to get all of your downloadable movies.

Vudu’s Wireless Kit is a plug-and-play solution for ease of creating a wireless network dedicated to the Vudu box, as it features a base station that plugs into the existing broadband router, and a receiver that plugs into the Vudu box.

The system works on a secure 802.11g WiFi network, and the kit still allows you to get the full range of Vudu functions such as instant-on for HD content, plus access to the thousands of movies in the database.

The Wireless Kit itself retails for $79. If you want the full wireless bundle that includes the Vudu box and wireless kit, it runs $349.

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