Vonage Debuts VPortal Router and New Services

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A user-friendly router and a plethora of services are announced for 2008.

Jan. 10, 2008 — by Gordon Jones

Recovering from its recent legal issues, VoIP provider Vonage announced today it will begin shipping it’s first branded hardware, the V-Portal™ router. “With the V-Portal™, we are starting a trend of making innovative Vonage-branded products relevant and responsive to the way our customers communicate,” said Daniel Smires, Senior Vice President of Engineering. “The V-Portal™ expands upon what customers typically expect from a router, and is the closest thing to having a customer care agent with them in their home.”

Similar to the Belkin N1 Vision Router and D-Link’s DGL 4500 Gaming Router, the V-Portal™ sports a small screen that’s able to display network status, user alerts and even setup advice in an easy to read language. The screen can also show Caller ID, logging, service numbers, and date and time. The router is available to new customers now for $9.99 after a $70 instant rebate.

In addition to the V-Portal™, Vonage is also rolling out several new service features as part of the “MyVonage” program. The first to appear will be the Vonage Contact Book (preview here), a one-stop communication center with the ability to integrate all contacts from their home, desktop and mobile address books while providing requested features such as Group Calling, Voice Activated Dialing, Speed Dial, and even Call Blast.

Call blast will allow the user to send out a voice mail simultaneously to a group of people (Vonage and non-Vonage). If you have ever coached a little league team, the benefits are obvious.

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